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As a proud reseller, our association with the ceramic industry expert, RAK Ceramics, marks a significant milestone following the establishment of RAK Porcelain LLC in the United Arab Emirates back in 2005. Located strategically in the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah, this venture swiftly rose to prominence, emerging as a leading supplier of professional-grade porcelain tableware in the HORECA industry worldwide. Positioned strategically near Dubai's ports, the company efficiently serves global markets with minimal transit times.
Commencing with an initial capacity of 15 million pieces in 2005, followed by an expansion to 24 million in 2018, RAK Porcelain has reached a pivotal juncture. Currently, the company is undertaking substantial investments aimed at spatial and numerical expansion, catering to burgeoning market demands and pursuing new growth avenues. This expansion aims to increase manufacturing space to 100,000 square meters and elevate annual production capacity to 36 million pieces. These investments are anticipated to significantly reduce production lead times while diversifying the company's porcelain tableware offerings.
Distinguished by its unique capabilities, RAK Porcelain stands out as one of the rare tableware manufacturers producing four distinct porcelain bodies within the same factory. Starting with the ivory-colored porcelain body, "Ivoris," the company extended its product line to include an extra bright white porcelain body named "Polaris." Embracing the era of social media, especially with the advent of Instagram, the company responded to evolving market needs by introducing the color- and trend-forward "Fusion" product line. Subsequently, RAK Porcelain introduced "Rakstone," a stoneware-type material, and revisited the essence of traditional pottery with the nostalgic "RAK Earth," blending antique aesthetics with porcelain properties ideal for professional use.
Moreover, the company ventured into crafting its premium Bone China range, "Le Ballet," at the same manufacturing facility. This collection embodies a remarkable fusion of elegance, translucency, and exceptional lightness. In addition to several white bone china series, RAK Porcelain developed an exquisitely decorated collection of porcelain tableware with intricate golden details, poised to embellish Michelin-starred and high-end restaurants, redefining fine dining presentations.
Notably, RAK Porcelain has etched its legacy as the sole manufacturer producing such a diverse array of products in a single plant, complemented by an extensive range of stainless-steel cutlery. This positioning underscores our role as the go-to destination for all hospitality industry needs, continuously setting new industry trends through relentless innovation and reinvention.
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