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Artis, a prominent name in the world of kitchenware and tableware, boasts an impressive product portfolio that has been carefully curated through enduring partnerships with renowned manufacturers, both within the United Kingdom and on a global scale. These esteemed manufacturers include household names that have become synonymous with quality and innovation. Artis proudly holds the exclusive distribution rights for a selection of prestigious international brands within the United Kingdom, elevating the culinary and dining experiences of countless customers.


With a commitment to excellence, Artis has positioned itself as a trusted purveyor of premium kitchen and tableware essentials. Through its long-standing alliances, the company has cultivated a reputation for delivering top-notch products that meet the exacting standards of both professional chefs and discerning home enthusiasts.


Among the coveted international brands that Artis represents in the UK are "Onis," renowned for its cutting-edge kitchen solutions; Duralex, an iconic name in tempered glassware; Ramontine, synonymous with exceptional cookware; Playground, an innovative brand redefining kitchen gadgets; Crushgrind, a leader in the world of spice mills; Vidivi, known for its elegant glassware; La Rochere, a heritage brand famed for its timeless tableware; Pyrex, a trusted name in ovenware; Salvinelli, offering high-quality cutlery; Ceraflame, a pioneer in flameproof ceramics; Royal Leerdam, a brand celebrated for its glass innovation; Baushcher, a hallmark of precision porcelain; and Libbey, an industry leader in glassware solutions.


In this diverse and illustrious portfolio, Artis provides access to a wide range of culinary tools, servingware, and glassware that cater to the needs of professionals in the hospitality industry and individuals seeking to elevate their dining experiences at home. Through these exclusive partnerships, Artis continues to uphold its commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, making it the go-to destination for those who appreciate the finer aspects of culinary and dining aesthetics. Explore the world of Artis and discover a universe of excellence in kitchen and tableware.
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